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Cyprus Shami Goats

The Antoniades family farm was established in 1929. It is located to the south of the island of Cyprus near the village of Pissouri, some 35km from the city of Limassol. It is established on a low hill area (altitude 50m from sea level) and prevailing temperatures in the area range between 5 – 20 degree celcius in the winter and 28 – 40 degree celcius in the summer. Humidity in the summer months ranges between 40% – 60%.

Cyprus Shami Goat Farm

Aerial view of Antoniades family farm in the village of Pissouri, Cyprus

The unit in 2010 comprised of 5,000 milking goats that were milked twice daily at equal milking intervals (at 5:00am and 17:00pm). The management system utilizes not only the seasonal character of the breed but also artificial induction of estrus during the anestrous period of the year. The main purpose of the practice is to provide the market with a constant supply of milk to the processing plant for the conversion of milk into the traditional “halloumi” cheese and pasteurized milk.

Milking Facilities

Milking Facility

The farm practices no sucking. All kids are removed from their dams immediately after birth and are transferred to artificial rearing units that are designed to provide colostrum (for two days) and reconstituted milk replacer thereafter ad libitum for a period of average 45 days at which age kids are weaned.  Creep feed and alfalfa hay are provided ad libitum during the period. Fresh water is available through automatic waterers. Following weaning kids are tranferred to reaning-fattening pens where they are fed on concentrates and barley hay ad libitum until the age of 120 days. Sexes are segregated at that age and males and females, selected for breeding (replacements), are separated and housed in lots of 25-30 animals. Feeding is again at will on both concentrates and barley hay.

A kid nursing from the replacemene mother

A kid nursing from the replacemene mother

By 4 months of age female kids reach an average weight of 30-34kg and males 33-36kg. All animals selected fro breeding at 4 months of age enter an intensive immunization and veterinary control program. The mature (adult) body weight of the does ranges from 60-80kg and the bucks 80-100kg.

Our main business activities includes:

  1. Exportation of Cyprus Shami Goats
  2. Breeding – Shami Goats
  3. Project Consultancy for commercial farms & breeding center
  4. Frozen semen

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